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Gentle Pilates – homepage

Welcome to abcPilates!
Gentle Pilates classes in Cheltenham and Painswick

Do you want to increase your fitness and mobility?
to have better posture?
to have better coordination?

Vicky’s classes help you with this in a fun and friendly environment.

Smaller classes mean you are given personal attention.  As a result, your own aims and limitations can be taken into account.

You can have an individual class, especially if you have a more complex condition and have been advised to do Pilates by your medical professional.

a is for alignment
b is for breathing
c is for core strength
abcPilates combines these basic Pilates principles in gentle classes. You can develop your mobility, balance and strength in an accessible and supportive way.

You can find information about Vicky’s Pilates classes and the Pilates exercise system by exploring this site. If you would like to join a class in Cheltenham or Painswick, or arrange a carefully tailored one-to-one session, contact Vicky to arrange it.